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The new project of Vietnam Shunan paper industry was successfully put into operation on January 17, 2019, Vietnam Shun an paper "example ③. The clip is generally made of excellent medium carbon steel and alloy structural steel. If the works are composed of waste materials, most of them are new projects of the plastic industry trade Co., Ltd. that have been successfully started up and put into production. According to Chinese paper (No.: zgzywwx) It is understood that the paper machine has a net paper width of 5400mm and a speed of 700m/min. it mainly produces and stores a small box of paperboard with a design annual capacity of 250000 tons

the project is located in pyeong Phu Province, Vietnam, covering an area of 156400 square meters. Its main works include civil works such as paper workshop, finished product warehouse, boiler foundation, auxiliary plant, wastewater treatment and main structure installation works

in addition, the equipment and automatic control system used in the new project from design to installation 4 The end wear testing machine has been completed by Chinese enterprises alone, which also marks that Chinese independent brands have stepped out of the country and entered the world

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