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From the perspective of NPE, the new progress of extrusion giants

improving product quality and reducing waste with better thickness tolerance has become the focus of NPE extrusion manufacturers. Processors who often change products adopt new systems that are easy to assemble and convert, which can make the device operate more effectively

american maplan

the new extrusion equipment for pipes, profiles and sheets includes a fully built-in catheter, a new vacuum calibrator and a double shaped hole extrusion die. AMC compact is a full extrusion production line for small materials, which eliminates the work of matching and integrating production line components for processors. Standardized configuration can make the price of the whole system 30% cheaper than that of single components

compared with the old structure, the company's new Rd double shaped hole can significantly reduce the pressure drop. The double shaped hole structure eliminates the continuous star spots left by the old mold, and the finished product can have better mechanical properties. Rd can produce pipe products ranging from 60mm to 280mm

Berstorff GmbH

the company launched a new ze-utx twin-screw extruder with a rectangular cover. In NPE, the new model represented by ze-60utx obviously shows the characteristics of compactness and easy operation and operation. It has a new connection system, side feed holes and air holes larger than the previous generation products, and a new temperature control system. In addition, Berstorff also set up an auxiliary system in the basic system


ze series takes the new Berstorff process control system as the standard configuration. The d/d ratio of 1.46 is also applicable to ze-a-utx; The ratio of ze-r-utx series is 1.74. A new heating and cooling system improves the heat transfer and heating and cooling capacity, so as to better control the process. The barrel heater can heat the barrel temperature to 45 ℃, and the cooling chip can also provide real countercurrent cooling

Brampton engineering

the company introduced i-flex, a new thickness control system. The i-flex AUTOGAUGE control port is used for low fill rates from 1:1 to 1:1.5. Based on the sensor reading, Brampton's patented software commands the regulator in the die mouth of the extruder to deform (push or pull) the die mouth at any position. Here is an average value of the die mouth circumference per inch (25mm) of each actuator

i-flex type also includes the next generation i-flex AUTOGAUGE air ring. Using the newly developed plastic granulator is also a major energy consumer in China. Brampton i-flex automatic thickness air ring can generally reduce the film thickness variable to at least half of the original value. According to different thickness and structure, it can be further improved

krauss maffei

the size change of quickswitch on the gear used by the company for pipe extrusion allows the system in operation to change the pipe diameter. If the order quantity of pipes is small, the manufacturer will face frequent size changes with increased cost. At this time, the production line must stop, the pipe head and downstream equipment must be removed and cleaned, and its replacement parts must be installed and adjusted. Then the production line must run to full load. Quickswitch can complete the size change within a few minutes without stopping the production line. The manufacturer can also meet the tight delivery schedule without storing a large number of pipes of different sizes

krauss Maffei New XS extruder series is mainly aimed at standard extrusion application fields with small extrusion volume of pipes and profiles. They supply complete production lines and control systems that can control downstream equipment, and their applications include automobiles, profiles, furniture and lighting facilities. Multi layer coextrusion is another target application field

davis standard

the new wesjet AutoPro film blowing air ring is on display this time, which can improve air ring control, thickness tolerance and output. In addition, PE mold and ProPak coextrusion mold were also exhibited. PE molds are most suitable for LDPE and LLDPE single-layer applications and can be delivered within a very short delivery period. The characteristic of ProPak is that it has a unique side feed inlet for high production and a complex structure of 5 ~ 11 layers

about the control system, Davis standard and adaptive instruments showed what the company called the first wireless monitoring system in the plastic extrusion industry. Accutech wireless technology monitors melt temperature, pressure, screw speed (RMP) and motor load from a remote or inaccessible location

according to Angelo Firenze, President and CEO of adaptive instruments, accutech system is an extension of wireless technology suitable for industrial applications

the monitoring range of the system is 3000ft, and it is equipped with a fully built-in sensor and a battery driven on-site radio transceiver; A basic transceiver with RS232, RS485 (digital), Ethernet and/or 4mA ~ 20mA output; Software for data management and deviation reporting, etc. The components are calibrated separately between -40 ° F and +185 ° F, and all instruments are approved as inspection free products by FCC. Other advantages include low installation cost, portable system, unlimited access to processing data, multi input capacity, flexible basic wireless output, low power consumption, battery life up to 5 years, bidirectional signal integration and remote monitoring capability. Each basic transceiver can communicate with 250 sets of field devices per second

randcastle extrusion systems

the company exhibited taskmaster. This 1in horizontal extruder has four circulator mixing parts, new feeding technology and three discharge holes in a 36:1 extruder. According to general manager Keith Luker, in the next few months, various examples of taskmaster's capabilities will be provided

Maag pump systems

the company introduced a new pressure reducing gear pump that can increase production. The compact structure of vacorex Mr gear pump makes it easy to retrofit Maag's early vacorex pressure relief pump. The size of the main casing remains the same as that of the early vacorex III, IV and V pumps of Maag, and the size of the inlet and outlet flanges and the height of the pump are also the same as those of the early pump types, so it is easy to install. Only minor adjustments such as drive heating connections are required. It is reported that a vacorex Mr pressure reducing pump can increase the capacity of the device by as much as 30%


for the first time, a double cylinder product clamp and an optional servo drive that can increase the accuracy of its new CTS mobile cutting saw were exhibited. A direct drive saw shaft motor can increase the cutting torque of the device. There are three sizes of saws to handle pipes with diameters of 5in, 7in and 9in and 9in × 17in profile

the saw uses two positive displacement pneumatic cylinders to send direct positive clamping to the pipe or profile in order to obtain the best bench synchronization in the cutting cycle. The 24In stroke helps to ensure the accuracy of cutting. The servo drive bench and planetary reduction gear are optional

conair also introduced a customized filter changer to the American market, which exhibited a three slide type. Tsp type filter converter is hydraulically driven and especially targeted at pressure sensitive extrusion applications, because the melt always passes only two of the three filter combinations, so replacing the filter in the third plate actually has no impact on pressure and logistics

guill tool

the flexspiral crosshead and tandem die production line of the company aims at the manufacturing of pipes, wires, cables, hoses and tubes. The main advantage of this new technology is that it can improve the concentricity or product roundness, and reduce the use of materials compared with other types of extrusion tools

flexspiral series adopts featertouch adjustment (a box type spherical part), which can be adjusted in the mold base without loosening the set screw, and the positive sealing also eliminates the leakage between guide plates. Flexspiral tool has 1-5 layers of capacity and multi-stage feed chute position, allowing different layout of extruder

other new products of Guill tool include corrugated extrusion heads for 400 series production lines used in general motors, automotive and pharmaceutical fields; Equoflow extrusion tools for wood and polymer manufacturers; 900 series tandem matching with PC to realize high-speed data communication tube mold for general purpose, food service, automotive, industrial, telecommunication and pharmaceutical fields in polymer or rubber; And rotating/vibrating crossheads for aerospace, automotive, pharmaceutical and other fields. Syncroflow series is designed for applications where rubber and plastic materials are extruded simultaneously in the same tool


this company has incorporated advanced drive control into its extrusion master control system. The starting of complex extrusion production line is generally that the gear pump driving device is closed loop pressure control and the extruder driving device is open loop control. The melt pump is usually in the direct action circuit at the start-up stage, and takes the inlet pressure of the melt pump as its input pressure. When the user increases the driving speed of the extruder, the driving device of the melt pump automatically increases its own speed

in this scheme, once the extrusion line is close to the desired speed, users generally want the melt pump drive to change to the open loop mode and the extruder drive to enter the reaction and closed loop control, with its outlet pressure as a controllable variable, which refers to the operation mode, while the extrusion line speed setting value controls the speed of the melt pump drive and all downstream drives. In the operation mode, when the melt pump speed changes the extruder head pressure, the extruder drive automatically tracks the melt pump speed

during start-up and shutdown, all speed changes should be slowly increased to their desired setting values, and there should be no fluctuations that will cause surge of the extruder or melt pump drive. The main line speed setting should also be connected to all downstream drives through a ratio setting

Euro predicts that by 2025, the programming time for establishing complex startup and shutdown processes in therm's extrusion master control system has been reduced. After inputting the desired speed and pressure, the control system will automatically complete this process


the company regards ZSK megavolume as its own feature. This new technology is an option for a large number of batchers used in processes requiring maximum feed in screw channels. Megavolume uses forward rotating screws that engage closely with each other. By increasing the thread depth of the twin-screw, the free volume is increased by 40% compared with ask megacompound, and the maximum screw speed is increased to 1800rpm

larger free volume and higher screw speed are a lot of speed energy. The materials that benefit from the megavolume concept are generally highly filled polymers, such as talc, CaCO3 or pe/pp with sawdust components. The size of megavolume that can be obtained ranges from 34mm to 125mm. (end)

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