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China has made new progress in the field of food packaging material safety research

recently, good news came from Beijing Haidian District Bureau of quality supervision, which belongs to the scientific research achievement "research and application of harmful substance control technology for excessive use of food packaging materials" that eliminated its Haidian District Institute of product quality supervision and inspection (national food quality and safety supervision and inspection center) and won the second prize of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation science and technology progress award

it is reported that the research is led by Jiangnan University, and the national quality inspection center is mainly responsible for the electronic measurement of the migration of harmful substances (volatile organic compounds, pyrolysis products, etc.) in plastic food packaging containers, so as to easily and accurately realize the experimental rules and safety evaluation research part under various test conditions. This study comprehensively considered the factors affecting the aging of PC products such as PC barrels, scientifically and reasonably set the aging test conditions of PC products, studied the relationship between the safety and use of PC products, and proposed the service life requirements of PC products. At the same time, the volatile substances that may be separated out from the packaging materials under different temperature conditions were also investigated. On this basis, the scientific researchers of the center established a series of corresponding detection methods. In addition, lead and cadmium in colorants or masterbatches were also determined by atomic fluorescence spectrometry

through the implementation of this project, the national quality inspection center has comprehensively improved its research on laws and regulations at home and abroad and the development of detection technology for toxic and harmful substances in packaging materials, which helps to cultivate a group of senior researchers and professional detection technicians in the field of food packaging safety research, and gradually form a food packaging material safety research team, thus, It will play an important role in the safety research and regulatory technical support of food packaging materials

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