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The New Guangxi electric power project has reached 100% of the first-class green power standard

now the green construction modes such as unmanned aerial vehicle setting out and suspended bridge crossing have been popularized in the construction of Guangxi electric power project of Nanfang electric power. As of the end of May, the key infrastructure projects of Guangxi Electric Power Co., Ltd. have been smoothly promoted, and the 500 kV AC supporting project of Jinzhong DC receiving terminal has been completed and put into operation. The project actively cooperating with the national air pollution prevention and control action plan is fully under construction

it is reported that the high mountains, dense forests and high forest coverage along the transmission project have brought difficulties to the project construction. In order not to damage the ecological balance, during the construction, the staff of Nanfang electric Guangxi Electric Power Co., Ltd. adopted new technologies such as unmanned aerial vehicle setting out construction and suspended bridge crossing, which can not only maintain the original ecological environment in the line corridor, but also alleviate the construction pressure such as seedling compensation. At the same time, the project department also strictly required to ensure that there is no construction waste soil and slag during the construction process. With the application of energy-saving technology, power construction can be carried out as usual under artificial insurmountable obstacles such as mountains, rivers and lakes, highways, forests, etc., and about 70 mu of forest vegetation can be avoided per square kilometer of construction surface

Guangxi electric power company of Nanfang Electric Power Co., Ltd. has always adhered to environmental friendliness, issued the guidance on environmental protection management and the implementation plan of the company's special action on environmental risk management, established and improved the environmental protection system and environmental risk prevention and control system, reduced the impact of power construction and operation on the environment, focused on strengthening the implementation of the "three Simultaneities" system of environmental protection of construction projects, carried out 5S management on the construction site of construction projects, and completed 34 Urban Substations The electromagnetic environment and noise of distribution transformers in 75 urban areas were spot checked and monitored, and the rectification of environmental protection risks of "three wastes" materials such as waste water, waste oil and solid waste was completed in accordance with laws and regulations. In 2016, all 71 environmental protection risk rectifications were completed, with a rectification completion rate of 100%, and a long-term mechanism for environmental risk management and control was initially formed

in order to promote the construction of green electricity and serve the efficient utilization of energy resources, we also conducted a voting activity for the most beautiful installers in phase 1 for the installation work. Guangxi electric power company of Southern Power implemented the requirements of "four saving and one environmental protection" in all links of power planning, design, construction and operation, and fully implemented the concepts of land saving, energy saving, water saving, material saving and environmental protection into the planning, construction and operation of electricity, Promote the dissipation and development of the impact force of all components to be more intelligent, efficient, reliable and green, so as to maximize efficiency, save resources and be environment-friendly. It is understood that in recent years, 100% of all new projects within the scope of Guangxi power company have reached the first-class green power standard

in 2016, Guangxi electric power company of Southern Power completed the transformation of 641 lines, 6580 high loss, heavy overload and low voltage distribution stations, dealt with 2689 three-phase unbalanced station areas, eliminated 2527 high energy consumption distribution transformers of S9 type and below, and the energy efficiency sampling coverage of main energy consuming products such as main transformers reached more than 30%, and the energy efficiency of new distribution transformers of more than grade II accounted for 97.55%. The pilot application of new energy-saving equipment, such as high overload distribution transformers and three-phase imbalance regulators, has also significantly reduced the threshold for entrepreneurship, effectively improving the energy efficiency of electrical equipment. Throughout the year, 99million kwh of electricity was saved through technical loss reduction, and the comprehensive line loss rate was reduced by 0.17 percentage points

"line loss" is the key index of energy saving in transmission and distribution links. Guangxi electric power company attaches great importance to the work of power loss reduction, focusing on the "four points" management of line loss, Comprehensively Strengthening the lean management of line loss, and improving the level of energy conservation and emission reduction of electricity itself. In 2016, the comprehensive line loss rate of Nanfang power Guangxi power fell to 6.28%, reducing line loss and saving 427million kwh of electricity, equivalent to saving 137500 tons of standard coal and 382400 tons of carbon dioxide, making a positive contribution to the energy conservation and emission reduction of the whole society

within the enterprise, Guangxi electric power company of China Southern Power actively improves the level of office energy efficiency, establishes the awareness of green development of all employees, and promotes green office and green life; Strengthen scientific and technological innovation, carry out research on energy conservation and emission reduction technologies, apply advanced and applicable new technologies and equipment, speed up the transformation of electrical technology, and promote the coordinated development of enterprises and the environment. For more information, the office energy consumption of 10000 yuan output value is 0042 tons of standard coal/10000 yuan, with a completion rate of 100%, which has made a positive contribution to the construction of ecological civilization

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