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New RAM power terminals d

Erni electronics recently launched a variety of D-sub connectors using precision ram power terminals to meet the needs of surface mount, through can't move up and down hole reflux and crimping applications. By using this connector, it will no longer be necessary to cut the power terminals with expensive machinery to achieve the requirements of high current. The power and signal terminals of Erni are effectively stamped to achieve the highest reliability and the lowest installation cost. Compared with traditional manually placed connectors, Erni surface mount and through-hole return power supply D-sub designed for fully automatic assembly equipment can provide a more economical solution. For applications that mainly use crimp connectors, such as backplane connectors, Erni also provides crimp power D-sub connectors that are impervious to the support and driving effect on the industry of the province and further enhance the gas

the existing configurations of the D-sub connector of the corner power supply are 3w3, 3wk3 and 7w2, which can load up to three power terminals. Customers can also choose to load some terminals. For example, Deutsche Telekom has designated a 3w3 configuration with two power terminals for a 60 volt power supply. The maximum specified current carrying capacity of the crimped power terminal at 20 ℃ is 30 amps. Multi point male and female connector accessories can be selected with corresponding pre installed nuts or "anti torsion" interlocking bolts (M3 or 4#40 UNC for selection). According to DIN 41652 and CECC, the standard installation height of this power terminal meeting the requirements of the act on the restriction of the use of hazardous substances is 7.3 mm

for the application of cable termination, Erni also provides the shell kit of power D-sub and the power terminal of welding cup or clamping/grinding termination (which can provide 10, 20, 30 or 40 amps)

erni power D-sub provides SMT compatible tray packaging and reel packaging for fully automated assembly. In addition, in order to further simplify the process of taking out and placing connectors, each connector is equipped with a large-area insulation integrated suction cup to cooperate with simple and reliable vacuum extraction. The positioning column is located at the center of gravity of the connector, so that the placement of the connector can be optimized during welding. The export proportion of surface mount power supply to emerging countries will also be greatly increased. With the signal terminal, the "welding well" is used to reduce the wicking effect, that is, to prevent the welding flux from leaving the welding pad. Moreover, its durable surface bracket can absorb the extreme mechanical force when plugging heavy cables. The tinned pins are compared with the high temperature resistant black thermoplastic shell, which can improve the visual inspection

erni's power supply D-sub is designed and manufactured to the highest standards in Germany, but provides competitive pricing in the global market, and has been highly praised for its excellent performance. Welcome to contact Erni for free samples

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the production and sales businesses are all over China and the world. Erni group in Europe, North America and Asia is a recognized technology pioneer in the global connector industry. It is the world's first manufacturer of European DIN connectors and a leading supplier in the 2 mm connector and ZD high-speed connector markets. Erni has a complete range of backplane connectors and board to board connectors, with superior design and continuous innovation. In China's rapidly developing connector market, Erni has become an important supplier in the fields of telecommunications, data communications and industrial applications

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