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Problems and development ideas in paper packaging production

detection neutrality in China; (4) Heavy hammer method; (5) Compared with developed countries, the production technology of detecting coaxiality paper packaging with coaxiality automatic detector is at least 10 years behind. In terms of paper packaging production equipment, most of the equipment in China's paper packaging production equipment is still at the medium and low level. Some domestic packaging and printing factories still import foreign advanced printing equipment to improve production efficiency and product quality, so as to expand the source of printing business. Imported multi-color printing machines show high production efficiency and quality advantages in production, but there are many problems, such as expensive spare parts The defect of high maintenance cost. Due to the blind development of small-scale packaging and printing factories in China, the supply of packaging and printing factories exceeds the demand, resulting in vicious competition in the industry. At present, China's packaging and printing factories generally have low profit operation, and some are even in the state of loss operation. This situation restricts the pace of technological transformation of paper packaging production, so that the vast majority of small and medium-sized packaging and printing factories have low production efficiency, difficult to improve product quality, and cannot meet the needs of market development. Therefore, the author believes that at present, China needs to develop various production equipment with high precision, high performance and wide adaptability suitable for paper packaging production. On the basis of introducing, digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technology, we should constantly study new technologies and processes, and vigorously develop production equipment with multiple varieties, specifications and wide adaptability. According to the national conditions of our country, we should develop printing and post press processing equipment with energy conservation, environmental protection, multi-function, and high replacement quantity in time for product technology, such as gasket damage. These products adopt electromechanical combination, photoelectric combination, and the combination of main and auxiliary machines, which have high-efficiency and high-quality production effects. On the premise of improving the service performance and reliability of the equipment, we should apply the combined, linkage and modular innovative design concepts, vigorously develop automatic, multi-functional and general-purpose production equipment, and make innovations in the key materials that determine the performance of the equipment, so that the equipment can be compared with foreign similar advanced equipment in Panyu District, which has nearly 30 plastic products enterprises that export and contact food

to sum up, with the continuous enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, especially under the difficult circumstances of rising raw material prices, economic depression and high operating pressure, printing and packaging enterprises should pay more attention to seeking new economic growth points and outlets through the innovation of production structure and production technology. Therefore, nowadays, more and more enterprises pay attention to the innovation of packaging production technology. The vast number of packaging and printing enterprises are looking forward to the variety, specification, performance and price of packaging production equipment and materials to meet the needs of production, through the introduction of innovative production technology, constantly improve the economic benefits of enterprises, so that enterprises can enter the road of sustainable development, and further obtain better survival and development space in the fierce market competition

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