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Problems and Countermeasures in the use of fire hydrant boxes in projects under construction

at present, China's fire products are managed by the market access system, and fire hydrant boxes are fire products under the compulsory inspection system. GB standard stipulates the definition of fire hydrant box. Fire hydrant box refers to a box shaped fixed fire-fighting device with the functions of water supply, fire extinguishing, control and alarm, which is installed on the fire water supply pipeline in the building and is composed of box, indoor fire hydrant, fire interface, hose, water gun, fire hose reel and electrical equipment. According to the standard requirements, the fire hydrant box used in the project under construction should be a whole product. However, from the current market operation, the production and sales of the fire hydrant box are not carried out in accordance with the fire product market access system, and the product quality is uneven, the market price is chaotic, and even fake and shoddy products flood the market. The author talks about some personal opinions and superficial views on the problems existing in the use of fire hydrant boxes in construction projects and management countermeasures

I. Problems and cause analysis of fire hydrant boxes in construction projects

(I) products cannot strictly implement national technical standards

at present, most of the fire-fighting product manufacturers that produce fire hydrant boxes only produce parts in fire hydrant boxes such as boxes and indoor fire hydrants. The selection of internal equipment is purchased from other manufacturers, and the purchase object is mainly to confirm the qualified suppliers. When these manufacturers apply for the fire hydrant box to obtain the national type inspection report, the quality of the internal equipment selected is relatively guaranteed, and the variety is relatively single. In the actual production process, due to the market price, the fatigue testing machine is used to measure the fatigue characteristics, fatigue life, prefabricated cracks and crack expansion tests of metal, alloy materials and their components (such as operating joints, fixed parts, spiral moving parts, etc.) under the tensile, compressive or tension compression alternating load at room temperature, as well as the cooperative relationship with the supplier unit, the supplier's production capacity Factors such as product quality have caused the manufacturers of fire hydrant boxes not to choose suitable instruments as always! For manufacturers of internal equipment that are consistent with the type inspection report, the problem of inconsistency between the equipment in the box and the original inspection report is more prominent, and the selection of internal equipment is more random. Secondly, the fire hydrant box manufacturer did not carry out the inspection according to the inspection rules specified in the fire hydrant box standard, resulting in the disconnection between product sales and product inspection. Incoming inspection system is a common problem in the inspection process of manufacturers. Most manufacturers believe that the purchased fire hoses, water guns and other purchased accessories have passed the inspection of internal equipment manufacturers, and the incoming inspection process is ignored or reduced in the actual operation process. On the other hand, during the delivery inspection, the manufacturer of the fire hydrant box did not inspect the connection performance test between the fire hose and the water gun, the fire hose and the interface, and the fire hydrant and the fire hose in accordance with the provisions of article 7.2 of gb14561 fire hydrant box, which led to the circulation of the product to the market without strict inspection procedures and affected the product quality

(II) the product does not conform to the market access system

in terms of the installation process of the fire hydrant box, it is generally to install the indoor fire hydrant and box first, and then configure the internal equipment after the completion of the project. The products enter the construction site in this order. According to the market access system, the fire hydrant box is a fire-fighting product belonging to the compulsory inspection system. It is an independent fire-fighting product. The fire hydrant, fire water gun, hose interface, fire hose, fire reel and other internal equipment are also an independent fire-fighting product. As long as they meet the market access rules, the products can be sold separately. The characteristics of the product market access system and the particularity of the installation process of fire hydrant boxes when the fire protection is tested in accordance with ASTM D 638 and ISO 527 form a variety of sources of fire hydrant boxes used in the project, especially the fire hydrant boxes randomly assembled by the sales unit and the construction unit do not meet the market access, It is also common for fire hydrant manufacturers to directly sell empty containers to intermediate suppliers or construction engineering units. GB fire hydrant box standard stipulates that the fire hydrant box should be an integral product, and the fire hydrant box applied in construction projects should comply with the product market access system. However, due to the price problem driven by the interests of the market economy, the purchasing and construction personnel do not understand the standards, and the contradiction between engineering installation and purchasing, the box and internal equipment can be selected at will, which directly leads to the fact that the fire hydrant boxes sold on the market do not conform to the market access system, and the overall sales rate of the products is low

(III) the qualified rate of product sampling inspection is low, and fake and inferior products flood the market

taking the Wuxi detachment's supervision and spot check on the fire hydrant boxes and internal equipment selected by the market in as an example, the qualified rate of the products is only 41.7%, of which the qualified rate of the fire hydrant boxes supplied by the circulation field is only 20%. Through supervision, spot check and investigation of unqualified products produced and sold, we found that manufacturers and sellers have misunderstandings about the understanding of market access system and the correct implementation of fire hydrant box standards. Whether it is a fire hydrant box manufacturer or a distributor in the circulation field, the concept of producing and selling fire hydrant boxes is just "assembling" fire hydrant boxes. Secondly, due to market price competition, inconsistent supervision standards of local fire departments and other factors, the problem of manufacturers and middlemen freely choosing internal equipment to assemble fire hydrant boxes is prominent, resulting in the decline of product quality and creating conditions for the derivation of fake and inferior products. A set of standard cases (800) sold from the market in Wuxi × 650mm), the average price is about 380 yuan. Among them, the lowest price is only about 230 yuan, and the high price is about 560 yuan. Standard boxes with prices lower than 380 yuan are generally assembled, which are products that do not conform to the market access system. In order to pursue profits and project bidding, some illegal manufacturers and middlemen use some "OEM" or even non market access internal equipment to configure fire hydrant boxes by themselves, which has seriously affected the product quality of fire hydrant boxes, caused confusion in market prices, and affected the effective role of products in building fires

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