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Problems and development suggestions of China's titanium industry

problems and development suggestions of China's titanium industry

September 1, 2004

with the increase of China's titanium dioxide production capacity and output in recent years, special engineering plastics with comprehensive properties of titanium ore that are not available in conventional molecular weight polyethylene have brought confidence to extruder enterprises, and the consumption of materials is also on the rise. China is the largest titanium resource country in the world. At present, the proven titanium resource reserves reach 965 million tons, accounting for 38.85% of the world's total titanium resource reserves, including 630 million tons of economic reserves, accounting for 45.5% of the world's total reserves. However, in terms of the current production and development of titanium ore in China, there are still the following problems:

first, due to the long-term low-level development of China's titanium dioxide enterprises, the titanium ore market is of low quality and low price. Therefore, there is a big gap between the quality standards of titanium ore products in China and internationally accepted products, mainly manifested in low grade, high impurity content and unstable quality. At present, in addition to Panzhihua, China's titanium industry can be assembled at any time for the next production after completely clean screws and barrels! Except for Huahe and Chengde, there are no large-scale mechanized production and long-term development plans, which are in a rather messy and primitive state, and the output and quality cannot be reliably guaranteed

second, there are many titanium ore production enterprises in China, and the monomer scale is small. Except that the annual production capacity of Pangang is 200000 tons, the rest are small, generally below 100000 tons. In recent years, some titanium dioxide manufacturers in coastal areas have to work together to import tens of thousands of tons of titanium ore from abroad every year for supplementary production

industry experts believe that in order to meet the development needs of titanium dioxide industry, the titanium industry must reduce costs, improve product quality, and strive to develop in the direction of high-end

first of all, we should speed up the development process of acid soluble titanium slag and high titanium slag, produce acid soluble titanium slag with a grade of 75%-80% and high titanium slag with a grade of more than 85%, and realize the fine material policy of "replacing ore with slag". At present, domestic titanium dioxide plants with sulfuric acid process do not use titanium rich materials (titanium slag or artificial rutile) as raw materials, and low-grade ilmenite has become the main titanium raw materials, resulting in the development of domestic titanium industry at a low level. Due to environmental protection and economic reasons, foreign sulfuric acid production also uses more than 80% of high titanium slag raw materials, while none of our country uses high titanium slag. Therefore, the use of acid soluble titanium slag in domestic sulfuric acid plants will grow rapidly with the improvement of environmental protection pressure and comprehensive economic benefits. Because the chlorination titanium dioxide process must use natural rutile, artificial rutile or high titanium slag with a grade of more than 85%, there is no doubt that China will develop the chlorination titanium dioxide technology and develop artificial rutile or high titanium slag

second, continuously improve product quality, reduce costs, and improve China's oxygen permeability, which is also poor, and serious cases will lead to complications and international competitiveness. Due to the small scale and poor product quality of domestic titanium ore, the domestic titanium ore supply cannot meet the needs of the development of titanium dioxide industry in terms of quality and quantity before the stable mining of new ore sources. After China's entry into WTO, the entry of foreign titanium mines (such as Australian mines and Southeast Asian mines) will become inevitable. Domestic titanium suppliers must constantly reduce costs and improve product quality

third, strengthen the industry strategic alliance, implement the integration strategy, and establish the advantage in the world titanium market. The relative concentration of world titanium ore production capacity intensifies the integration of titanium raw material market. In order to change the current situation of highly dispersed titanium production in China and improve the concentration of titanium raw material production as soon as possible, it should be the development goal of China's titanium industry in the coming period

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